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In Search of the Best Tactical Knives? Here’s How to Pick the Best

tactical knifeTactical knives refer to a wide range of knife types that is specifically used for self-defense and military utility. It became even more popular as this blade is tagged as the primary weapon on most mobile and PC games where survival is the leading theme of the game. It is one of the essential items to bring with when you go camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports.

Combat knives, in layman’s term of tactical knives, were designed for specific purposes. They have the rugged appearance and are purely utilitarian. They often come as fixed blade or folding blade depending on their design purpose. Although most military personnel bring combat knife in fixed blade during their operations, with the existing laws that govern the type of knife a civilian can bring, the most preferred are the folding knives.

So, if you are planning to buy a combat knife for personal use, here’s the best guide you can read on. Another great resource that I’ve based this article on comes from MilitaryGearHub.com.

Should I buy a fixed blade or folding knives?

When you search for the best tactical knives, the first thing you have to decide is whether you should buy a fixed blade or a folding knive.

A fixed blade tactical knife has tangs that prevent the user’s hands to slide forward by accident and be able to parry the potential strikes when you’re on a self-defense situation. With the tang installed in the combat knife, it is considered a bit stronger than a folding knife. However, the downside of it is that it makes the combat knife difficult to conceal and carry.

A folding tactical knife does not have tangs. This type of tactical knife allows the user to conceal it and carry it with ease. The downside of this type of knife is that it is not strong enough as the fixed blade.

What blade length should I pick?

It is important to consider the length of the blade when you a tactical knife. When you choose a long blade tactical knife, it promises longer reach which is good for self-defense. Yet, the longer the blade of the tactical knife is, the heavier it will be. This could slow you down when you try to make an offense or defense.

When you choose shorter blades, it will require you to go to close quarters. Compared to longer blades, it is lightweight which is easy to carry and conceal. Usually, longer blades are used for self-defense while short blades are used for mission-ready tactical tasks.

What type of steel should I look for a combat knife?

To choose the best combat knife in terms of steel type, what you should for is the blade steel’s strengths and toughness. Don’t be confused about the two, since blade steel strength refers to the ability to bend without breaking. On the other hand, the blade steel toughness refers to the ability to withstand chipping and cracking no matter how many times it struck a solid surface.

How would I know if the tactical knife handle is durable?

A high-quality combat knife handle depends on your preference. Some handles made from natural materials usually absorbs moisture that will decompose in time. Other handles are made from synthetic material for its tough texture plus it does not absorb moisture. Best of all, it does not chip or cracks.