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Satu Miettinen is a professor of service design at the University of Lapland. For several years she has been working with service design research and authored number of books and research publications in this area. Her research interests are in the areas of service design including the areas of social and public service development, citizen engagement and digital service development. She is running several national and international service design research projects coordinated by the University of Lapland. Satu Miettinen has worked as a visiting professor in Stanford University in USA, Tongji University in China and at the University of Trento in Italy.
Satu Miettinen has a strong research interest in the area of arctic design. Arctic Design produces solutions to the needs of extreme and marginal contexts. These solutions are scalable and applicable in other contexts as well. Arctic Design is about producing extreme wellbeing and competitive edge for circumpolar areas. Satu Miettinen is co-ordinating Arctic design lab that is part of DESIS network.
Satu Miettinen works actively in the area of social design in USA, Namibia, South Africa and China. She is an active artist and designer in the area socially engaged art. In the past she has worked as a project manager and specialist in the areas of crafts development, cultural and creative tourism in several international and European Union funded projects during the period 1997–2006.

Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence

- Teacher’s Pedagogical Qualification for Vocational teaching 14.12.2009, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (www.jamk.fi)
- Steering committee member for University of Lapland doctoral school in culture centered service design 9.8.2013 – (ongoing), curricula design and evaluation of research plans, participating in auditing preparations
- Curricula development for industrial design program (ongoing), University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design
- Curricula development for arctic art and design international master’s program, University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design (ongoing)
- Supervision on Master Thesis for Industrial Design program approximately 15 students per year 2011- (ongoing), University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design
- Member of Doctoral Studies Development Committee, University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design (ongoing) 
- Member of Education Development Group 1. 1.1.2014–31.12.2014, University of Lapland

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Administrative responsibilities at higher education institutions or at research organizations, responsibilities in the higher education community

- Vice dean at the Faculty of Art and Design 1.1.2012- 31.7.2015, 1.1.2016 - (ongoing) University of Lapland
- Member of University Collegium 1.1.- 31.12.2014, University of Lapland
- Member of University Board (senate) 1.1.2015- 31.12.2017, University of Lapland

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Visiting professor at Stanford Centre for Design Research, Stanford University USA 1.8.2015 -31.7.2016
Visiting professor College of Design and Innovation, University of Tongji, Shanghai, China 9.11.- 3.12.2014
Visiting Professor at Centre for Aesthetics in Practice, Department of Philosophy, History and Cultural Heritage, University of Trento, Italy 7.6.- 6.7.2010

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Academic merits, doctoral supervision, work as a pre-examiner and as an opponent

Experience as officially appointed supervisor for doctoral students

University of Eastern Finland, Department of Computer Science
Susanna Martikainen “Towards Better Usability –
Usability and End-User Participation in Healthcare Information Technology Systems Development" defended thesis 18.12.2015

University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design
Ilona Sares in the area of cultural management
Merja Brinon in the area of service design
Daria Akimenko in the area of sustainable design
Elisa Jaakkola in the area of human centered design
Essi Kuure in the area of service design
Reetta Maila in the area of service design
Päivi Vaarula in the area of textile design
Lauri Palsa in the area of service design and media pedagogy
Salla-Mari Koistinen in the area of applied art and service design
Niina Turtola in the area of social design
Anitra Arkko-Saukkonen in the area of education and service design
Outi Kugapi in the area of tourism
Linus Schaf in the area of service design
Mira Alhonsuo in the area of service design
Titta Jylkäs in the area of service design
Katri Konttinen in the area of service design
Li Hong in the area of service design
Virve Miettinen in the area of service design
Mikko Sääskilahti in the area of service design
Pan Shaohua in the area of service design
Jari Rinne, in the area of design research

Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Faculty of Design and IT
Vikki Du Preez in the area of co-design and service design

Other academic merits

Examiner of a doctoral dissertation
Candidate MA Inkeri Huhtamaa in the area of applied art and design, pre- examination of the doctoral thesis, “Namibian Bodily Appearance and Handmade Objects. The Meanings of Appearance Culture and Handmade Objects from the Perspective of the Craft Persons, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Aalto University
Candidate MA Adhi Nugraha in the area of art education, pre-examination of the doctoral thesis “Transforming Tradition. A Method for Maintaining Tradition in an Art, Craft and Design Context, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Aalto University
Candidate MA Marcelo Ortega Judice in the area of social design “You Are Important” Designing for Health Agents in Vila Rosario”, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Aalto University
Candidate FM Kristiina Soini-Salomaa in the area of arts and crafts education and future studies “Käsi- ja taideteollisuuden ammatillisia tulevaisuudenkuvia”, University of Helsinki
Candidate Melanie Sarantou (MTech) Namibian narratives: postcolonial identities in craft and design, University of South Australia
Cadidate Päivi-Maria Jaatinen: Rethinking Visual Art Practise in Relation to Well-Being. A Conceptual Analysis. University of Jyväskylä
Candidate Pia Tamminen Possibility-Driven Design in Design-Orientated Communities, School of Science, Aalto University

Opponent for doctoral dissertation
Cadidate Andrea Castello Branco (MA) Design for Hope: Designing Health Information in Vila Rosario (the 17th of October, 2014) Aalto University, Finland
Cadidate Jana Kukk Value creation in knowledge intensive services (th 10th of December, 2016) Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Evaluation of academic/scientific competence (e.g. title of docent)
PhD Mirja Kälviäinen, Design thinking, University of Jyväskylä
Evaluation of four candidates for the position of the Professor of Sustainable Design position in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture 2015.
Evaluation of professor of interaction design application for the Hongkong Polytechnic University. 2016

Science Award
Science Award 2014 University of Lapland, New Sleep Order -project research group leader professor Anu Valtonen with post doc -researcher Outi Rantala, post doc -researcher Pälvi Rantala, professor Susan Meriläinen, university lecturer Pikka-Maaria Laine, researcher Tarja Salmela, professor Satu Miettinen and researcher  Essi Kuure

Member of editorial boards of scientific and scholarly journals and publication series and referee for scientific and scholarly journals

Reviewer Journal of Research Practice 2015

Reviewer CHI 2016
Reviewer International Journal of Design 2016
Reviewer She Ji — The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation 2015-
Reviewer Journal of Research Practice 2015
Reviewer for the Design for Business: Research Conference, the Design Foundation Australia 2015
Reviewer for Cape Peninsula University of Technology 2014
Reviewer for National Research Foundation, South Africa 2014
Reviewer for Simulation & Gaming: Symposium issue on Service Design Games 2015
Member of the conference committee and reviewer for SERVDES, Service design and innovation conference 2012, 2014, 2016
Reviewer for Participatory Design Conference 2014 “Reflecting connectedness”
Member of the program committee, chair for doctoral consortium and reviewer for NORDES, 2011, 2013, 2015
Reviewer for International Journal of Creativity and Innovation 2014
Reviewer for The Design Journal 2014
Reviewer for DMI2014, Reviewer and program committee member for DMI2016
Reviewer for the Journal of Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe” 2014
Reviewer for the Journal of Design Research (JDR) 2013
Editor and reviewer for Touchpoint Journal of Service Design 2012
Member of the conference planning board for Service Design Network Conference in Berlin 13.-15.10.2010

Membership in national or international expert groups, evaluation or steering committees

Strategic steering group member for National Service Architecture 9.6.2014-31.12.2017, https://www.vm.fi/vm/fi/05_hankkeet/0106_palveluarkkitehtuuri/index.jsp. Finnish Ministry of Finance
Board member for National The Finnish Crafts Organization Taito ry 1.1.2016-
Steering and scientific group member and co-ordinator Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth, 1.2.2015-31.1.2019, Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)
Streering group member and project director Humanizing Service Experience with Design Methods 1.1.2015-31.12.2016 TEKES Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology –project
Advisory board member for World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, M4ID: Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty (BOLD)1.1.2014-
Steering group member Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID) 1.1.2014-31.12.2015
Steering group for art in development co-operation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland 1.1.2014 – (ongoing)
Steering group member and project director for Value through Emotion, University of Lapland, 1.11.2013-30.6.2014, TEKES Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology –project
Chairman of Steering group 1.6.2013 -30.6.2015 Internationalizing product development in tourism industry, European Social Fund, Lapin ELY-keskus
Steering group member for MEDIPRO – Simulation-based pedagogy in education and services for first aid, University of Lapland 1.1.2013-30.4.2013, TEKES, Finnish Fund for Innovation and Technology –project
Steering Group Member: National Design Policy “Muotoile Suomi”: Ministry of Employment and Economy 26.4.2012-18.3.2013
Steering group member for Ideall -Integrating Design for All in Living Labs, University of Lapland 29.2. 2012 – 28.2.2014, European Commission Directorate General Enterprise and Industry’s European Design Innovation Initiative
Steering group member for Vitality through Sleep, University of Lapland 1.1.2012 - 31.12.2013 TEKES, Finnish Fund for Innovation and Technology -project 
Steering group member Service Innovation Corner (SINCO) PLUS – Developing service design prototyping, University of Lapland 1.4.2011 – 31.3.2013, European Social Fund -project 
Steering group for Rovaniemi City Design strategy 1.1-31.12. 2012
Steering group member for Service design for the Elderly, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, 1.3.2010-31.3.2011, TEKES Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology –project
Steering group member for Experiencing Wellbeing – New Service Platforms and User Interfaces in Tourism and Leisure, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio Academy of Design1.4.2008 - 28.2.2010, TEKES Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology –project

Consultancy projects

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, visiting professor, service design technology course with Nissan and Chilenter 12.-16.9.2016
University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido Summer Institute service design workshop, science course 29.-31.8.2016
Volkswagen, Germany, service prototyping project with SINCO Team 1.3-2.4.2014
Vierumäki Country Club Oy, service design for Tourism Product Development 16.12.2013-17.3.2014
Extended Studies Unit, University of Lapland, program leader for Nokia Bridge -project Service design extended studies 17.9.- 9.11.2012
North –Savo Art Council, Service design for cultural wellbeing 13.5. ja 20.-21.5.2011
Finnish National Institute for Health and Wellbeing, THL: Innovation village –project, service design education 28.1. ja 15.3.2011
Regional Development Company Oy Häme, National network for wellbeing, Service design training course 29.9.2010 – 30.4.2011
CADIP, Centro Avanzado de Diseño e Innovación de Productos, Chile: Consulting Chimbarongo project in crafts development and marketing 22.6.-1.7.2008
Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage Support Project: Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, Project Implementation Unit: Consultat 1.3.2004-31.12.2004
Azerbaijan Marketing Society: Training workshop on ”Development of the crafts in relation to textile tourism, rural development and contemporary design” 3.-7.12.2003
Lapland Art Council: Expert on Cultural Tourism Service Development in Inari (“muutakin kuin lunta”) 2002-2003 

Work Experience

- Professor of Applied Art and Design, University of Lapland, 1.4.2011 -
- Teaching service design at AALTO University, Future Home Institute 27.9.-31.12.2010
- Savonia Univesity of Applied Sciences, Co-ordinator, Competence Center for Industrial Design 1.8.2009-31.3.2011
Savonia University of Applied Sciences,  Kuopio Academy of DesignHead of Department, Product Design 1.8.2007-31.7.2009
-  Kuopio Acedemy of DesignResearch and development co-ordinator (part-time) 1.11.2007 -31.7.2009-  University of Art and Design, Helsinki, International Affairs Centre: Co-ordinator NOKIA Oyj/ African Design Institute- concept 16.3.- 15.6. 2007
University of Art and Design, Helsinki,  International Affairs Centre: Amanuensis 15.1.-15.3.2007
University of Art and Design, HelsinkiSchool of Design: Researcher 1.1.-31.12.2006
- Pambili Association NPO: Marketing Director 21.5. 2005-28.2.2007
- University of NamibiaVisual Arts Department: Visiting lecturer 7.2.- 22.8.2005
-  South-Ostrobothnia Crafts AssociationProject manager 17.2. 2003-31.1.2005Crafts Route- project
Finland OneWorld Association:  Editor on culture, Freelancer 17.9.2001-26.9.2003
- Kunene Crafts Centre, Opuwo, Namibia: Community development project 21.6.-18.8.2002
University of Art and Design, Helsinki,  Industrial design departmentCourse leader: Case Namibia 28.1.-28.5.2002
University of Art and Design, HelsinkiMedialab: Project secretary 1.4.-31.5.2001
University of Art and Design, HelsinkiSchool of theatre and sceneography: Course secretary 2.1.-31.3. 2001
Embassy of Finland, Windhoek, Namibia: University trainee program 5.6.-8.9.2000
Lapland Crafts AssociationProject co-ordinator 21.4.1997-28.2.1999EUROTEX-project
- Concordia Language Village, Minnesota USA: Ethnic Arts Programme Leader 6.6.-17.7. 1994

Education and degrees awarded

-       Doctor of Arts, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Applied Art and Design, 18.12. 2007 (http://arts.aalto.fi/en/)
-       Master of Arts, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Applied Art and Design, Minor in International Design and Business Management 18.5. 2001 (http://arts.aalto.fi/en/)
-       Bachelor of Arts Savonia, University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio Academy of Design, Textile design, 30.5.1997 (http://portal.savonia.fi/amk/en)